Getting people to see your video is one of the most critical aspects of video marketing. The larger the number of people watching your video, the greater the chance they’ll buy your product or go to your site. Using videos is a great way to ‘funnel’ traffic, weeding out the people who were never going to purchase in the first place. YouTube gives you every opportunity to get your video seen, but most people don’t know how to properly use these features.


Uploading your video is fairly easy. After you have logged in, click the ‘Upload’ link.

The next page you see is the ‘Video File Upload’ page.

This page gives you the option of either uploading a video or recording one from a web cam. Web cam recordings are great for video responses, they can be made quickly and easily.  I f you are going to upload a video. Click ‘Upload video’. After that, you will be directed to the ‘Uploaded Videos’ page.

Uploading your video is fairly easy. After you have logged in, click the ‘Upload’ link.

The next page you see is the ‘Video File Upload’ page.

This page gives you the option of either uploading a video or recording one from a web cam. Web cam recordings are great for video responses, they can be made quickly and easily.

I f you are going to upload a video. Click ‘Upload video’. After that, you will be directed to the ‘Uploaded Videos’ page. This is where you can add details to your uploading video.

The first tab we are going be working in is the Info and Settings tab.

video information page

When you upload a video to YouTube, you have Video Information that you can fill out such as title, description, tags, and categories. In order to get your video seen, you have to make it easy to find. The first box you need to fill out is the title box.

The title box is extremely important. It’s one of the first things Youtube and viewers see in Youtube’s search results. It also shows up in Google results.


Put keywords in the title. 

Keywords are words or phrases that the average web surfer would type into a search box in order to get more information on whatever subject they are interested in. Every business has certain keywords related to them When you title your videos, they must be related to what the video is about. Be sure to be truthful in your titles.

Just so you know, be sure to put the most valuable keywords closest to the beginning of the title. For example, if my video was about YouTube Marketing, my title would be a whole lot more important if I title it ‘YouTube Marketing – Put Keywords in your title’ compared to ‘Want to Learn YouTube Marketing?’

 How to find keywords 

Finding keywords is one of the most important jobs you have to do. Using the right keywords means the difference between nobody finding your video and everybody finding it.

There are many free keyword tools online, some better than others. There are also pay versions with many more options to choose from. One of the best and free keyword tools out there is Google Adword’s own Keyword tool. In order to find it, just type into Google ‘Google Keyword Tool’.

Once you go to the site, type in an example of a phrase that your audience might be interested in, for example: cooking

After you type in the phrase in the specific box, you have to enter in a captcha* code underneath it to see the results.

Once the results show up, you will have a list of similar keywords you might want to use in your videos. In order to determine if it’s a keyword worth using, take a look at the ‘Global Monthly Searches’. The higher the number, the better. You also want to be mindful of the competition. The lower the competition the easier it will be for you to show up in search results. Keywords with large Global Monthly Searches as well as low competition are some of the best words to work with.


– The next box you encounter is the Description box. The description box is a great place to enter in text on what your video is about. YouTube looks at what you put in the description box, so it’s good to put keywords in your description. Now don’t go typing in a list of keywords in your description box, you have to sprinkle them into your description and they have to sound natural.

In the description box you can add  a website URL.  In the URL theres a HTML code at the beginning.The HTML code, that stuff starting with ‘http://…..’, is the actual website link to wherever you want your viewers to click to. This can be your blog, website, shopping cart, sales page, or anywhere else that you want to send your potential customers. People watching your video may like the information you are giving them and are now interested in getting more information/purchasing. Putting a click- able link right there in the description box is the easiest way for them to get to your site.

Tags Box  

The ‘Tags’ box is where you would put relevant keywords. It’s important to fill out the ‘Tags’ box with as many keyword terms as you can possibly come up with. In order to provide its users with the best results, YouTube pays a lot of attention to tags, and that’s why you should too. If you are having trouble coming up with tags, YouTube provides you with suggestions. You can also use the keyword tools mentioned earlier. Another great tip when it comes to tags is to use adjectives. Words like ‘best’, ‘new’, ‘top’, ‘amazing’, etc. will help in people find your video.

Secret Word Tag Trick  

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video that wasn’t on someone’s channel – most people have – you will notice a bunch of related videos on the right hand side of the screen.

Looking closely at these suggestions shows that the suggested videos are from many different users. This means that after a viewer watches your video,they may click one of the others and be on his way. This isn’t too good if you’re trying to get them to click to your site. There are two ways to fix this problem.

  • The first way is to direct traffic to your channel. In your channel, only videos uploaded by you are available on the right hand side; but not everybody is going to find your video through your channel.
  • The other option is to use the secret word tag trick, it’s very simple and works really well. All you have to do is create a nonsense word, like ‘Jamstickerees`,create your own nonsense word and put it in with your other tags. Do this in every video that you upload and pretty soon, you will dominate the suggested videos. Why? Because YouTube sees your nonsense word and associates it with other instances of your nonsense word, which just happens to be other videos of yours.

Tags are not only important in your videos;  they can be a great resource to build traffic too. When you’re watching other videos related to your field of interest – and you should – be sure to check out the tags. Other people’s tags are a great place to find other terms you haven’t thought of and you can find terms that would help your videos show up in other users suggested videos.


Below the tag box is a drop down to choose your video’s category. YouTube pays attention to category as one of its determining factors for finding relevant videos. According to YouTube, some of the most popular categories are ‘News and Politics’ or ‘Comedy’. If you can somehow work your content into these categories, it could help you out. However, since these categories are the most popular, it also means the competition could be fierce as well. If you can’t fit your video into one of these categories, don’t worry about it. The other categories are still full of videos and people looking for your information.

Video Thumbnail 

The next option you can change is your video thumbnail. Your video thumbnail is the still image of your video that shows up in YouTube and Google search results. The thumbnail has been known to be a huge deciding factor in people picking your video to watch, and yet YouTube doesn’t give you much choice in what thumbnail is shown

There has been a lot of conversation involved with YouTube thumbnails and how they decide what stills you can choose from. That’s right, YouTube decides what stills you can use, not you.

   Broadcasting and Sharing Options 

The Broadcasting and Sharing Options contains a bunch of different boxes with options on your video. It’s important to choose the best settings for optimal search result.


The first box you come up to is the ‘Privacy’ box. The privacy box provides three choices: Public, Unlisted, or Private.

Public is the best choice for most of your videos. This option lets your video be found by anybody. If you are using your videos to drive traffic, this will ensure people can find it.

Unlisted means your video is uploaded to your videos but nobody can search and find it. Since you are the one who uploaded it, you are provided all the other options to add keywords, add a description, tags, and so on. The only people who can view an unlisted video are the people who have the URL link. Only you have the URL unless you share it. No search engine will find this type of video.

Private means the video is private and only viewable by people you designate. No search engine will find this type of video.


The next box is the License box. You have two choices here: Standard YouTube License or Creative Commons License.

Most of your videos should have the Standard YouTube License. This means you are in control of your video. If you choose the Creative Commons option, your video is free for anybody to do anything they want with it, including editing it. They would, however, have to give you credit as to where that video came from.


The next box is the Comment box. This box provides you 4 options for how comments will be handled. They are: • Allow comments automatically • Allow friends’ comments automatically, all others with approval only • Allow all comments with approval only • Don’t allow comments

Allow comments automatically This is the best option to use.The problem with this option is that your comments can get filled with spam. If you keep an eye on the comments, you can moderate any that you think are spam, or you can choose one of the other options.

Allowing friends’ comments automatically but approving others is a good way to keep your comments spam free but it creates a secluded feel to the community of your video. Using this option can hurt you when it comes to marketing. People like to see their responses show up instantly;  this helps spur along other comments and adds a sense of community.

Allow all comments with approval only, isn’t much better. It still means that when somebody adds a comment, they have to wait for you to approve or deny it. Most viewers will never come back if they have to wait.

Don’t allow comments, is the worst when it comes to marketing and building any type of social interaction with other viewers. Never select this option if you want your video to do anything positive with your marketing efforts.

Comment Voting 

Comment voting means other viewers can rate comments with either a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Viewers who find a comment particularly helpful, funny, smart, or who just agree with what they were going to say can vote ‘up’ or ‘down’ on that comment. The more ‘up’ votes a comment gets, the farther up to the top of the comment page it will go. And being closer to the top is better, meaning it will be seen more often.

It’s a very good idea to allow comment voting. Again, this adds to the community feel of YouTube. It helps others participate. The more they participate, the better chance you have of them watching more videos or clicking out to your site.

Video Responses    

YouTube even lets its viewers leave comments in the form of video responses. This means that viewers can upload or attach a video of theirs as a response to your video.In video response you have three choices to choose from:

  • Yes, allow video responses to be added automatically.
  • Yes, allow responses after I approve them.
  • No, don’t allow video responses.


After video responses come ‘Ratings’. Ratings are used for viewers to vote on how much they like a particular video. The ratings are a lot like comment voting, using a thumbs up or thumbs down to vote. This rating system can be seen located right under the pause button.

Allowing rating adds to the interactivity of YouTube. I recommend you leave it on. Good ratings can help you become a featured video on YouTube.


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