Videos Generate Traffic

Get high search engine positioning One reason why videos generate traffic is they get high search engine positioning. And that is because the search engines are specifically looking for multimedia; it’s called a Universal Search.  They want to find all the different media that they can to give the searcher the best experience.  In addition, they are especially looking for video. There could be 200 websites on the keywords ‘Swimming’, and there could be six videos on swimming.  Which do you think is going to have a greater chance of showing up on the first page of Google if someone is searching for swimming?  Remember, Google likes to give video suggestions.  You’d have a much greater chance if you made a video on swimming.  Out of those six, you have one of those competing videos, compared to 400 text based sites. Whatever you’re niche is, make a video because there is a very high chance that there are many more written articles than videos on the same subject.

 Get message out more dynamically

Another reason videos generate traffic is because people get excited. Videos  are just more dynamic. You get your messages out more dynamically in the sense that you are using images, you’re using audio, you can put text on there.  So you have these three tools at your service to get the message out compared to just text.

 Embed code allows sharing

Video sharing sites make it very easy to pass your video around. The way they do this is with an embed code. The embed code can go on virtually any other website and your video can be viewed there. Sharing is one of the most powerful ways to get your video seen and spread. Embed codes help with the ease of sharing your video and also with increasing your views. Any time your video is embedded on a site other than Youtube and somebody watches it, Youtube counts that as a view. The more views you have, the better it looks in Youtube’s eyes.

Clickable links in descriptions

Putting clickable links in the description box of video sharing sites gives your viewers the opportunity to go directly to the site you want them to go to. Sites like Youtube have specific places where clickable links are allowed. Make sure you put a link to your site in these areas. If you don’t, then how are people going to buy your product


     Provide testimonials

Everybody knows that testimonials are gold when it comes to selling your product. Well, video testimonials are platinum. Video testimonials work better because we can see the customer. We can see their face, we can see how excited they are for the product. We can see how thankful they are for the product. Video testimonials add credibility because they are harder to fake. Anybody can write a great sounding testimonial, add a name of the ‘customer’, and put it up on their site. With a video testimonial, the person on screen helps other viewers relate. And once you can relate with a potential customer, it’s a whole lot easier to sell to them.

 Show your product in action

A picture is worth 1000 words. You do the math. Using video to show your product in action is one of the smartest things you can do. Video lets you ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’. Actually, video will let you ‘show’ AND ‘tell’ compared to just ‘telling’ with text. Do you have a new program you designed and want to show people how easy it is to use? Use video. Have a book that is really exciting? Use video to create a book trailer. Do you offer consulting to large or small businesses? Use video to show what your services are. The options are limitless.

·         Use as sales promotion

Do you have a great deal that everybody needs to know about? Create a video that talks about this. Do you have a sales letter explaining everything possible about your product, and do you have to scroll forever to get to the bottom of it? Use a video and save yourself a lot of space.

·         Show your company profile

A great way to stay in the public eye even when you don’t have any new products to sell is to use video to show your company profile. Your company could consist of just you or a myriad of employees. Either way, creating a short video saying what you are up to, what’s coming up in the future, or even how well you did in the past, is another fantastic use of video.

·         Introduce your staff

If you have customers who will be dealing with staff members of yours, it can be a weird situation to only know them by email or by a voice on the phone. Showing your employees in a video gives your customers a face to match to the voice they’ve been dealing with. It makes your business have a personality. This can help customers feel ‘connected’ to your business, which in turn eases their minds when it comes time to


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