Before you start driving people to your page you need you will need to post 2-3 updates because of the following reasons

Give people a reason to like your page.

Show the value and type of posts they can expect to receive in future.

Supercharge your brand’s social word-of-mouth.

Every comment, “like,” and share you receive is another opportunity to reach a new audience.

Due to the amount of content on Facebook, Facebook has a filtering system called EdgeRank this filter limits the content people see in their newsfeed.

Therefore, you need to be strategic about your posts to do this use the formulas discussed below to creates posts that people will want to share with their friends.

Caption This Photo.

This is fun and simple post that is 90% visual. The only text needed it is the caption for the photo uploaded


People love to share & Like quotes — especially whimsical or motivational quotes. Post a quote as text or as a photo update.

Native Video.

Facebook loves video. Especially when it’s uploaded directly to Facebook or even better Facebook Live. Use video to discuss new topics, summarise a blog post or welcome people to your page. Reiterate call to actions in the post text.

Facebook Contest.

Give people an incentive to like and share. Use a Facebook contest app like Gleam or Wishpond or simply ask people to compete an action on a post. e.g. “like and share to win”, “caption to win” Be sure to include details about the prize and closing date!


Questions are a great way to spark dialogue with fans. It is probably the easiest way and one of the best methods to get people to respond to your posts. Be sure to reply! (Who is attending [event]?, True or False:


, Today is [event]. How are you celebrating, what is for favourite [x]?)

Fill-in-the-Blanks. e.g. “If I had an unlimited marketing budget, I would ________”

Crowd source for Answers.

Rather than answering questions by yourself, why not get your fans to help others who are in need of tips and advice. Simply, update your page with questions from fans.

Remember when [old fad/tradition]?

Nostalgia is a great way to engage people. Use simple texts posts or images to give people an opportunity to comment about their memories from that time period or how thankful they are now that a certain fashion has gone out of style. Page mentioned make use of Throw Back

 Repost Your Popular Content.

Share your Blog posts, Youtube Videos, Quora Answers, Instagram pics etc. that have already been successful on other platforms.

Bonus Tips

Like Similar Pages. Fill your newsfeed with competitor’s posts so you can see what types of post are getting engagement.

Pin Posts. Give important posts more exposure. It’s great for competitions or posts you want many people to see.

Best Time to Post. After you have made several posts, review Facebook insights to see the best time to post to maximise engagement.