You can link your business to twitter by either doing direct marketing or indirect marketing.

 Direct marketing       

Direct marketing involves

·         Posting about your services/products

The most obvious way to talk about products and services and to have them talked about is to write about them. If you create a Twitter account for your company, this should be your primary target. It is of course better if you find a way to do it in an interesting way that adds something else to the reader. Be careful of not being too subtle though, you need to find right balance between blunt announcements and posts that barely have anything to do with you. Regarding frequency, it depends on how interesting your Tweets are. A plain link to your website with a depiction of a given item is not something users want to see very often, at the very most every week but it is best to actually avoid it completely. If, on the other hand, you post links to your website in an entertaining way, you can afford to do so up to twice a day.

·         How to keep your audience on the hook?

As mentioned before, you can only get more followers and keep them if you provide interesting and entertaining content. You can use the news or a current event to link to your products, i.e. a sport items retailer could write: “New York marathon next week! Top 5 indispensable accessories!”. You can also use Twitter to give exclusive discounts to your followers by quoting for instance a password while making the payment for their purchases, e.g. “Only for the next hour: enter code 2fast4u and get free overnight shipping for every pair of runners”. For entertainment, there are many options possible, depending on what kind of business you run and the tone you adopted on your account. You can post an article about the latest top 10 blunders from sports anchorpersons or the runners seen on celebrities lately – still within the example of a sport items shop. Even if it does not link toward a product you sell, it retains your readers attention and increases your popularity. Remember that you can also organise games or ask opinions on Twitter, such as “What happened 20 years ago in the sport industry?” with some interesting or uncanny facts every week.

 Indirect marketing

Indirect marketing can be achieved through the following.

·         Linking Twitter to your Facebook Page

Just like Twitter, Facebook is a major social network that reaches a large number of people. Furthermore, its interface is significantly different and more flexible than Twitter, allowing you to post pictures, comments and more. Twitter and Facebook are good complements to each other.

Announcements made on Facebook should be echoed on Twitter religiously in order to keep a consistent communication with both audiences. The two main aspects that distinguish Facebook from Twitter in our context are the possibility of posting pictures and the enhanced interactivity with followers – called fans on Facebook. A picture is worth a thousand words: the most successful games usually rely on a graphic support, which is why Facebook comes in handy.

·         Linking Twitter to other sides of your business

Without letting quantity prime over quality, the more active you are the better. Having an Internet presence and being a leader in your domain is important and you should constantly be taking new initiatives to attract attention and make yourself known. Are you writing a blog? Tweet about your articles. You just started a new game on Facebook? Let your followers know about it. You should try to stay off the beaten track as well and create some exclusive content.

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