Searching through words and Bio

Now that you are familiar with how Twitter works, it is time to build your database of contacts. On who “Who to follow” look at the left side of the page.  The window that suggests you to Names of people. When you click on view all it brings the list of suggested names and an option to search a person using full names.

 Shortening URLs

With a limited amount of space for each tweet, you should spare every character you can. One major problem you would soon encounter is posting links as they can be very long. To solve the issue, there are many websites that help you shorten a link without breaking it. An example is

As an example, here are instructions on how to use

  • Type or paste the link you want to shorten in the designated field.
  • Click on shorten.
  • The result will be displayed below.
  • Click on “Copy” and paste the shortened link in your Tweet.

Twitpic (

This is a website that enables you to share upload pictures or videos online and make them accessible via Twitter. To do so

  • Go to Twitpic’s website and log on using your Twitter account.
  • Click “Upload Photo or Video” and select the file you wish to upload . You can add a comment to the link that will appear on your Tweet.
  • Click “Upload”.

Expending your Tweets

If 140 characters are not enough for you, there are ways to get around it. among others, allow you to type longer messages on a separate webpage. Here is a step-by-step explanation on how to do so with Twitlonger. There is no registration needed, all you need is to log in using your regular Twitter account information.

Once you have signed it with your Twitter account information you will see a different pages.

  • Type your text on the space provided.
  • Click on post.

While such a tool has some obvious benefits, it also has many drawbacks, especially if used too often. As stated before, Twitter is meant to share short messages that convey information on the spot. It is already difficult to get your readers to click on the important links you post, such as those redirecting to you business website, so it is therefore best not to overload your account with links that are actually dispensable. Moreover, long Tweets are not very likely to be read as users usually skim through news. Only use a “long Tweet” as an ultimate resource to solve a specific issue.

Twitter search widget

The Twitter search widget enables you to monitor all the activity about you on Twitter. This tool comes in handy when you want to see what has been written about you at a glance and thank users talking positively about your business. To install the widget, enter the following

Now choose what word or words you would like to monitor , presumably your business or product name. In the example below (rainbow), the Tweets are displayed on the right side with the words highlighted in red.

If you would like to have a title to your widget, you can fill out the relevant fields  and it will display on the top of your widget . You also have the option to customise the appearance, the sizes and the options of your widget . When you are done, click on “Finish & Grab Code” .

Account management platforms

You do not have to access your account via Twitter. Several other companies will let you do it using their own interface – for free or some financial contribution. There are a lot of them and depending on how you use Twitter, one might be more relevant to you than another.

We use CoTweet as an example of how these websites can enhance your use of Twitter.

 CoTweet (

This is a website that lets you manage a Twitter account by several users. It is especially relevant for business purposes so that co-workers can take part in the updating process while ensuring consistency and organisation. Furthermore, its interface makes it easier to plan your Twitter activity. Among the most useful features, you can:

  • Schedule your updates, i.e. post what you want at different times of the day without being constantly monitoring Twitter.
  • Keep a track of the Tweets you sent.
  • Manage your notifications. This is easier for you to remember who you replied to, who did, what was written, etc.

Creating an account on CoTweet is rather quick and straightforward. The procedure is very similar to the one you followed when joining Twitter.

Data mining

In order to search through Twitter users, you may use Twitter as mention above, but it is also possible to use other applications. Here is an example with how to use Follower Wonk.

Follower Wonk ( is a website that lets you do some data mining among Twitter users. Its main feature is to search through Twitters’ biographies. By entering a key word, it shows profiles with this word mentioned in their bios after clicking on “Search Twitter bios”. It is especially useful to find influential users within an area relevant to you and increase you presence on Twitter.

Among the various information you may collect from it, it reveals how many followers you have in common, how long you have been on Twitter, how many Tweets you post a day and how many new people follow you a day, etc.

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