Creating an account

Access Twitter’s website by typing the following address in your web browser:

You can select the language of your choice at the bottom of the page

Now fill out the sign up form with your name, email and password  and click on the “sign up” icon.

Signing-up to Twitter is a four-step process.

Adding your personal details

You now confirm the information you have submitted. In the first blank you fill in your full name; the one that will appear as your identity to other users on your profile.

In the second  fill in your email address, you can only have one Twitter account per email address.

The safety of your password  is very important and it must be unique. In case your Twitter account is hacked, you do not need worry that your data will be used to break into other accounts.

Your username (4) is a unique combination of alphanumerics which will be used to find your account and to interact with you. Should the username of your choice be already taken, you can pick one of Twitter’s suggestions

. Once all the fields have been filled out and validated, click on “Create my account”.

Adding your interests

Next, you can now start to customize your profile. Twitter will suggest you topics that might interest you ,you can also search for other topics to see more suggested users of a particular topic, click on “View all”

Adding your friends

From this page, you can check whether your contacts also have a Twitter account,Twitter checks your contacts’ email addresses against their database and shows you potential matches. Otherwise, you can search for people by their names .

 Confirming your account

You should now have received an email from Twitter to confirm your email address. To finalize  your account, make sure you confirm it by clicking on the link


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